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                                                             Video & Film Production Resume

Director and Producer
FOXETOWN episode “The Mock Battle” , (TV Series concept Pilot)-- Director/ Assist. Prod.)
Paul Cash Magician -- Director/ Producer (In studio 3 Camera)
The Art & Philosophy of JKD Martial Arts Demonstration--Producer
Troy Lions Club Buffalo Raffle & Hunt- Promo Video

TABLE FOR TWO TV show (Local Public Television)
Jordan Fashion Show & San Diego Zoo Fundraiser
Troy Lions Club Buffalo Raffle & Hunt- Promo Video
Real Estate Videos

Troy Lions Club Buffalo Hunt Raffle
Greg Evans Clown- Promo Video 
Paul Cash Magician Promo Video
B.A.B.E. FORCE - Music Video
Real Estate Videos

1st Assistant Director
Road To Asylum (168 Film Festival)

Production Assistant
DIE VEGAS DIE webisode.
B.A.B.E. FORCE  35 mm concept Movie Trailer & Video Promotion
Natural Vigour - Cable commercial
LA Newspaper Group- Cable commercial
Arrowhead Resorts- Cable commercial
L.A.. County Fair - Cable commercial 
ComCast sales-Cable commercial
Morris Auto- Cable commercial
Table For Two - TV Show ( lighting , sound tech, & set design)
Public TV Fund-raising Telethon-- Lighting Tech.

Talent (On separate resume’)

BS-Nutrition-- Donsbach University School of Nutrition
BS Applied Business Management-- Azusa Pacific University
Video TV Production classes--  San Bernardino Valley College

TV Production classes San Bernardino Valley College
Attended numerous seminars on all stages of TV and movie productions
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