More Goodies
An Homage to Vaudevillians, Clowns, and other traveling Minstrels, through historical research and live performance.
Coming Soon
An Homage to the P-38 Lightning pilots of WW2,
and the history of early aviators through the music of the times, with commentary by P-38 pilot Robert “Madman” Maxwell.
Greg has also created a lethal but likable clown sidekick character (don’t worry, he’s a good guy) based on Greg’s own likeness, that’s become a staple character in a Kirk Kushin Comic Book (and what was envisioned as a Feature Film & TV Series). It’s a Spy Spoof, Satire, Cultural Action/Comedy set in modern suburbia which has gained quite a following among comic-book fans!
Greg has appeared as this character in Movie Concept Trailers and promo pieces shot on 35 mm Film, and has made appearances at the San Diego Comi-Con.
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